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In an evolving digital payment paradigm, HSBC constantly innovate to help customers uncover new possibilities. Introducing HSBC Omni Collect, a one-stop solution for your collections needs, one solution that supports both in-store and e-Commerce needs.

How does it work?

HSBC’s Omni Collect caters companies’ needs for an easy and convenient digital solution. The solution will enable collections from web-based (through web portal) as well as on-site (through QR based) purchases made by the buyers of the Corporate clients. Corporate clients will receive their collected amount against their sales through digital channels into their HSBC accounts along with detailed reports of the collected amounts via HSBCnet, Connect or email.

Key features

  • A single API connectivity which enables you to offer multiple payment options to your consumers
  • Transaction through bank transfer, card payments and e-wallet transactions (in-store and online purchases)
  • Comprehensive view of your collections across different channels
  • Seamless experience with multiple payment acceptance
  • Speedy reconciliation with single consolidated report
  • Single facilitator among multiple payment scheme
  • API enablement to shorten time to market
  • Support cards, mobile wallet, E-wallet, bank transfer

Key benefits

  • Multi-model support: Different business models of corporates (i.e. sales through web-portals, in-store) supported via single connection with HSBC.
  • Multi-channel experience: All major digital collection channels (e.g. cards, internet banking, mobile wallets) covered under one solution.
  • Single connectivity: Single connectivity for online (web portal) or offline ( QR code based) payment modes offered to their buyers.
  • Refund transactions: Refund transactions by corporates against sales for amount up to the original transaction amount.
  • Consolidated report: Consolidated reports from all collection channels (e.g. cards, accounts, wallets) from the bank.


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