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HSBC Bangladesh has launched online domestic FCY payment solution through RTGS, in association with Bangladesh Bank.

In Bangladesh, currently, the foreign currency (FCY) settlement is executed through FCY Demand Draft (FDD) drawn on Central Bank which are time consuming, tedious and involves risk of errors due to its manual nature. Through this online settlement solution, clients are able to make domestic FCY RTGS payment using HSBCnet.

Supported FCY Payments

The online FCY settlement solution enables clients to make the below common FCY payments* through RTGS without any limit on FCY amount using our three supported currencies - USD, EUR and GBP.

  • Funds transfer to another bank’s FCY account of the customer.
  • Supplier/ Vendor payment.
  • Regulatory (e.g. BEPZA) payment by EPZ companies.
  • Expat salary payment.
  • Other payments allowed according to regulatory guidelines

*Payments will be executed subject to providing necessary documents by the customer according to regulations.

The process is initiated with clients selecting an FCY from the mentioned list and inserting other necessary details. Upon successful completion of the payment, client statement will be updated with the payment details.

Key features and benefits

  • Significantly less turn-around time compared to current FDD based payment option.
  • No need for handling paper based instruments like FCY Demand Draft.
  • Reduced cost due to electronic nature.
  • Near real-time or same day settlement through RTGS
  • Better and faster reconciliation at client end
  • Safe, secure and faster fund realization for payee.

To know more about this service and how it works, please contact your HSBC cash management specialist or your HSBC representative.


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