A journey of success in Bangladesh: How MNCs are thriving and investing back

Inspiring stories of growth & success in Bangladesh

Unveiling the first volume of our publication featuring 13 MNCs – Bata, Grameenphone, GE, Hero, Linde, HSBC, Marubeni, Nestle, Novartis, Singer, Syngenta, Unilever and Youngone, where you will learn about their inspiring growth journey in Bangladesh and how they are investing back.

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Videos showcasing the mutually rewarding growth journey of 12 MNCs and Bangladesh.

Bangladesh offers boundless opportunities

Bangladesh, home to a rising domestic market and with its resourceful, young population and entrepreneurial spirit – holds a vast range of business opportunities. Since the birth of Bangladesh, the private sector has been a driving force, propelling the economy forward. Over the past 50 years, many major multinational corporations (MNCs) have built strong and successful businesses in Bangladesh, investing and innovating as they grow and enjoying the many opportunities that the country offers. HSBC is proud to have been a partner in this incredible growth journey for over 25 years, perfectly echoing the spirit of "Proudly in Bangladesh".

A journey of success in Bangladesh: How MNCs are thriving and investing back.

With that in mind, we have launch the publication “A journey of success in Bangladesh – How MNCs are thriving and investing back” to showcase the potential growth opportunities offered by Bangladesh and to recognise the contributions of these MNCs across various sectors who have thrived in the country, and in turn are ensuring continuous innovation and creating newer opportunities for the nation and its people.

Read the inspiring stories of the 13 MNCs who have built strong and successful businesses in Bangladesh.

The launch event of the publication was held in Radisson Blu Dhaka Water Garden on 6 March 2023. Senior management of all the 13 participating MNCs gathered together and celebrated in the first volume chronicling their success growth journey in Bangladesh.

Key dignitaries from the Government, business leaders and embassies have attended the event. Md Mahbub Ur Rahman, CEO, HSBC Bangladesh and Mr Surendra Rosha, Co-Chief Executive of HSBC Asia Pacific, were also present.

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